Dam Brněnská přehrada

The most popular recreation place in Brno. The dam is located on the Svratka river about 8 kilometres northwest of the city centre, in Bystrc and Kninicek. It has been built between years 1936 and 1940 on the Svratka river, when it was sensitively inserted to the local woody and rock landscape. Earlier it was called the “Kninicska” dam - after the village which was flooded. Nowadays the indispensable value of the dam is available recreation opportunities for people in Brno. The water-reservoir is 1575qkm large and maximally 9,5km long.

There are plenty of recreation facilities, many snacks and restaurants which serves various services. The tourist centre is Pristaviste with surrounding popular beaches in Rakovec. Next important places is Kozi horky (boat livery, first-aid station and a special beach for children and no swimmers), Rokle, cottage area Jelenice, Obory. Nearby there is some car parks. The surroundings are full of tourist paths.
Dam BrnoDam Brno